Ritual & Reflection

We explore the importance of ritual and reflection in our day to day lives.
The Ancient Traditions and Modern-Day Rituals of Palo Santo

Natalie Shukur reflects on the grounding effect of lighting this calming wood.

5 months ago
Festive Rituals | Our Christmas Windows by Fox & Thorn

Inspired by our seasonal theme of Rewilding, floral designer Paula Ellis has created festive suspended installations.

6 months ago
Mindful Walking with Libby DeLana

A conversation with Do Walk author Libby DeLana about her meditative approach to walking.

10 months ago
Finding Peace In Nature's Symphony

As our cities and towns fell silent due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the glorious soundscape of birdsong replaced the

1 year ago
Exploring the Hues of Nature with Kristin Perers | Trinity Cottage

Colour Foraging in Suffolk at the contemplative artist retreat space.

1 year ago
The Ritual of Scent

Exploring scent as a marker for time, occasion, ritual and expansive living.

1 year ago
Flux & Flow | A Single Photograph

We share the entries from our photographic competition, inspired by Flux & Flow.

1 year ago
The Nature of Flux by Louisa Thomsen Brits

Louisa Thomsen Brits examines how, in the midst of flux, we can flourish.

1 year ago
A Woman's Pilgrimage | Marie-Elsa Bragg

The priest and author on myths, symbolism, and storytelling flowing in one ancestral river.

1 year ago
On Keeping a Notebook | Fatima Farheen Mirza

Brooklyn-based author of

1 year ago
Taking the Waters | The Restorative Effects of Outdoor Swimming

Elizabeth Metcalfe on her gravitation to cold water and the allure of Hampstead Ladies' Pond.

1 year ago
The Role of Home

Elizabeth Metcalfe on how her home has come into its own.

2 years ago
Timelines | The Way We Live Now

Louisa Thomsen Brits explores this new sense of time.

2 years ago
Currents of Time | A Japanese Garden

Reflecting on the currents of time within a garden in Kyoto.

2 years ago

Lousia Thomsen Brits on the pathways near to her home.

3 years ago
Morning Walks | The Paths We Choose

Laura Barton on the paths we choose and decisions we make.

3 years ago
The Story of Frankincense

From the Holy Land to the Mediterranean.

3 years ago
The Sea

Laura Barton on living and writing by the sea

4 years ago
Long Slow Road to the Sea

Author Sarah Hall on her longing for the sea and the delights of Norfolk's beaches.

4 years ago
The Japanese Philosophy of Ikigai

The meaning of daily life.

4 years ago
The Art of Bathing

Louisa Thomsen Brits explores Leonard Koren's philosophy of bathing.

4 years ago
Washed Air

Laura Barton recalls the air, after the rain, in New Mexico.

4 years ago
New Found Rituals | Celebrating the Winter Solstice

A handful of swimmers gathered at sunrise on the bank of the river, meeting in

4 years ago
New Found Rituals | Aurora Borealis

The festive season, with all its sparkle, is soon to be upon us. But rather

4 years ago