Style & Stories

The stories behind our most remarkable pieces and the histories of the colours we use. Interviews with our makers and round-ups of our workshops and events.
Tracing West African Textiles with Entrepreneur Mariama Camara

A collaboration that champions artisan-made tie-dye fabrics.

11 days ago
Dalia James | New Makers

The London-based creative on her striking weavings.

12 days ago
Gravity Pope | Meet the Founder

Louise Dirks on curating clothing and footwear for her stores across Canada.

25 days ago
In the Studio with Mike Watt of Rural Kind

Creating hardwearing bags in a Carmarthenshire workshop.

1 month ago
The Art of Community Weaving with Five|Six Textiles

A thoughtful collaboration with artisans in Ivory Coast revitalises their craft into a thriving business. 

1 month ago
Spring Shades | TOAST Styling Conversations

For our most recent Styling Conversations, we share our curation of key pieces from our Spring collection.

1 month ago
Meet the 2022 New Makers | Emerging Craft

Celebrating and supporting creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

1 month ago
Amelia Pemberton of Darn | Time to Make

Creating vibrant patterns for our silk scarves in the Cornish countryside.

1 month ago
In the Studio with Ceramicist Nicola Gillis

The Brighton-based potter creating everyday pieces intended for contemplative moments. 

2 months ago
Studio Kettle | Time to Make

Alex Jones creates practical bags and hats inspired by fisherman styles in his Yorkshire studio.

2 months ago
Repair & Revive | Three Sashiko Mending Stories

We trace the narratives behind a selection of pieces mended through our free repair service, TOAST Renewal.

3 months ago
Mariah Nielson | TOAST Portraits

Mina Holland meets with the design consultant and daughter of celebrated sculptor JB Blunk.

3 months ago
Geetie Singh-Watson | TOAST Insider

The ethical entrepreneur on preserving and reinvigorating The Bull Inn, Totnes.

3 months ago
In the Studio with Molesworth & Bird

We speak to Melanie Molesworth and Julia Bird about their seaweed design company, which is based between Lyme Regis and Cornwall.

4 months ago
Learning to Patchwork in Gee’s Bend, Alabama

An extract from author Victoria Finlay’s latest book, Fabric.

4 months ago
Elemental Compositions | Our Spring Summer Collection

This season we look to artists and makers creating dynamic objects using materials close to hand.

4 months ago
In the Studio with Potter Grace McCarthy

We speak to the east London-based potter about the process behind her artistic everyday pieces.

4 months ago
Repair & Revive | Three Knitwear Mending Stories

We trace the narratives behind a selection of pieces mended by our TOAST Renewal repair specialists.

6 months ago
Nitty Gritty | A Future-Facing Shop in Stockholm

We talk to owner Marcus Söderlind and Head Womenswear Buyer Nina Wiik about their creative vision.

6 months ago
In the Studio with Printmaker Philippa Thomas

We talk to the artist about working in between Bristol and Skye and her exclusive cards for TOAST.

6 months ago
Labour and Wait | Meet the Founders

Simon Watkins and Rachel Wythe-Moran on sourcing their timeless household collections.

7 months ago
Henrietta Inman | TOAST Portraits

Mina Holland meets with cook and baker at Wakelyns farm, Henrietta Inman.

7 months ago
In the Studio with Printmaker Angela Harding

We speak to the Rutland-based artist about her process and exclusive advent calendar for TOAST.

7 months ago
Handled with Care | Inside Heritage Knitwear Factory Bonner of Ireland

The family-run business on longevity and staying true to the heritage of hand knits.

7 months ago