TOAST & Phoebe English

A seven-piece repurposed capsule collection

We have collaborated with award-winning British fashion designer Phoebe English on a seven-piece repurposed capsule collection. Known for her sculptural silhouettes and innovative exploration of materials, Phoebe English uses a circular design approach to reject fast fashion and create clothing with the planet’s finite resources in mind.

The collection celebrates lost or little-used fabrication techniques with a respect for construction. Using fabric off-cuts and returned or damaged TOAST items, Phoebe has created seven unique pieces with minimal waste, each reimagined using patchworking, weaving, deconstruction and her signature pattern-cutting techniques.

The partnership demonstrates a synergy between our approach to fostering longevity and circularity and Phoebe’s dedication to exploring less extractive methods of fashion design.

TOAST & Phoebe English Silent Auction

Throughout May, the pieces from the collection were available to purchase in a silent auction with all proceeds going to our charity partner Traid, which works to reduce the social and environmental impact of our garments. We are delighted to have raised £2,302 for Traid, contributing to its long-term programme with READ, supporting a further 25 educational scholarships for young women in Tamil Nadu, South India. 

The Cause Behind Our Circle Initiatives

“It’s a hard time to be a creative, but humans are very imaginative. What’s not working can be reimagined. All of the systems we currently live in were imagined at one point in time, and I really believe we have the skills to continue to reimagine and restructure for the better.” 

Phoebe English

“Phoebe’s approach is one of utter integrity. She is uncompromising in her research and is not deterred by the intense care, skill and time commitment of unpicking garments. She considers the optimum layout of panels and seams for the most efficient use of the fabric and the most harmonious balance of design and functionality.”

Laura Shippey, TOAST Head of Design

Social Conscience

We are keenly aware of our impact on people and the planet.

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