TOAST Circle

Fostering longevity, celebrating the art of repair and connecting with our community over treasured pieces.

We are guided by timeless design, creating long-lasting pieces from quality materials with a richness of texture. We value the time and the people behind each of our garments and continuously explore resourceful ways to keep our garments in use for longer.

Our circular initiatives include TOAST Repair, our free mending service, TOAST Exchange, our events-based clothes swap and TOAST Renewed, our collection of creatively repaired pieces.

TOAST Reworn, a way to purchase previously worn pieces from past collections, will be launching later this year.


Keeping Well-Crafted Pieces in Circulation

It’s vital that we take responsibility for the items we produce, to prolong their lifecycle and reduce waste – but we can’t do this alone. If you would like to donate TOAST pieces that no longer work for you, we will ensure they will be loved once again.

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Our Partnership with TRAID

We have partnered with TRAID, a UK charity working towards reducing the social and environmental impact of our clothes.

TOAST items that we are not able to repurpose through our Circle initiatives will be donated to TRAID for them to responsibly reuse. 10% of the revenue from the sale of Reworn garments will also be donated to TRAID’s long-term programme with educational foundation Rights Education And Development Centre (READ), an NGO supporting communities in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Progressing Our Circular Initiatives

TRAID is a registered charity in England and Wales (297489), partnering with Rights Education And Development Centre (READ). READ is registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975.