This season, with the aim of celebrating creativity, we asked six illustrators to create an unfinished drawing on a postcard. We then invited you to complete the drawing. The postcards we've received have been brilliantly unique and playful. Some have been beautifully stitched, others turned into mini collages.

Each postcard sent back can be registered online and entered into our prize draw to win a week's stay in the Black Shed on the Isle of Skye a place sure to awaken one's creativity! Here we talk to the person behind the Black Shed, Blair Hunter-Davies.

How did you come to build The Black Shed?

We built the Black Shed in 2007 to replace an old agricultural building that stood in the same place and was about the same footprint in the landscape.My late husband Charlie and I worked with Rural Design (Alan Dickson and Gill Smith architects) to come up with a building that would sit in the crofting vernacular in the same way the old shed had - so hence the use of timber, wriggly tin and the colour black.

How would you describe the style of the interior?

The large windows make the most of the views and relaxing on the sofa looking up at the Macleods Table hills is the best way to unwind. The wood burning stove sets the scene on wet misty Skye days and the timber lined interior adds a warmth that's unique - with a slight nod to Scandinavian aesthetics.

What is it like living in such a wild landscape?

The landscape doesn't feel wild after you've lived here a while - (15 years) but you find your lives dictated by the whims of the weather.

Do you find it inspiring?

Always inspiring - compared to the business of pounding London streets and the chaotic life of the fashion industry which I left when I moved here. In 2011 Tim and I set up the Black Shed as a place for other like minded folk to retreat from busy lives and unwind.

Is there much of a community on the island?

Community is strong if you choose to embrace it - but equally easy to isolate yourselves and escape.

What is your perfect day on the island?

Spring May / June - cool breeze, sunny, no midges or rain. Walks up the hill or down by the beaches. Out on the boat fishing or canoe .

October / November - winter beach walks and curled up by the fire with a movie - ( I know where I'm Going, Whisky Galore, Local Hero ).

Create your own postcard and enter into the prize draw to win a stay at The Black Shed.

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