Making & Craft

Inside the studios of makers, from potters and weavers to jewellers and brushmakers. Visiting the factories of our suppliers, discovering mending techniques and exploring the history of craft.
Rose Pearlman | New Makers

Creating tactile bags in Brooklyn, New York.

1 year ago
Samuel Alexander | New Makers

The woodworker on creating his fruit-inspired spoons and vessels.

1 year ago
Dalia James | New Makers

The London-based creative on her striking weavings.

1 year ago
Meet the 2022 New Makers | Emerging Craft

Celebrating and supporting creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

1 year ago
In the Studio with Ceramicist Nicola Gillis

The Brighton-based potter creating everyday pieces intended for contemplative moments. 

1 year ago
Repair & Revive | Three Sashiko Mending Stories

We trace the narratives behind a selection of pieces mended through our free mending service, TOAST Repair.

1 year ago
Kelsey Rose Dawson | New Makers

Montreal-based ceramicist Kelsey Rose Dawson talks to us about mapping the land through her earthy vessels.

2 years ago
Jodie Metcalfe | New Makers

Durness-based jeweller Jodie Metcalfe talks to us about creating her elemental jewellery.

2 years ago
Corrie Williamson | New Makers

London-based New Maker Corrie Williamson talks to us about creating her serene mobiles.

2 years ago
Aude Arago | New Makers

The dancer-turned-sculptor on creating sculptures imbued with a rhythmic quality.

2 years ago
Julie Gurr | New Makers

We profile the first of our 2021 New Makers; the Sussex-based willow weaver.

2 years ago
Mending Matters | TOAST Renewal

The artists employing visible mending techniques to give new life to worn garments. 

2 years ago
Meet the New Makers | Emerging Craft

Introducing the 2021 emerging craftspeople in our annual mentorship programme.

2 years ago
Sashiko Repair in TOAST Shops

Mending your garments using the Sashiko technique.

5 years ago