For our most recent Styling Conversations, we share a considered curation of key pieces from the SS21 collection. 

Taking unique textures and soft tailoring garments from the March range, our Head of Buying Nikki Sher discusses how best to wear and layer each spring look. With a considered approach to colour and texture and using a range of garments, the outfits presented are versatile, working to a range of proportions and silhouettes. 

From pairing craft pieces with light micro-checks, to unstructured tailoring and versatile spring dresses, our latest Styling Conversations aims to provide interactive guidance and tips, giving viewers the confidence to invent unique, comfortable and creative combinations for everyday wear.

Join Nikki as she talks through each outfit with our in-house stylist, Cat Yarwood and Mayfair Shop manager, Paula Ellis.

 Find all of the outfits from our virtual Styling Conversations on our Curated Edit Page.

Image by Máté Moro.

Film by Thomas Wootton.

Music by Leon Jean-Marie and Christin Rauter, from the Summer track of Slow Sound.

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Really liked the opportunity to see the pieces on normal looking models and hearing their comments Well worth doing as an addition to the catalogue Thankyou

Tina 1 year ago

Inspiring! Really gives you ideas to blend outfits , garments and create style.

Agi 1 year ago

Thank you for this! Would love to see petite Nikki modeling more – as someone who’s also 5’4" and small I find most of the clothing absolutely swims on me; it seems designed for tall women, which is frustrating as I do love the clothes.

Lily 1 year ago

really enjoyed this video, using ‘normal’ people and combining pieces is really helpful. Thank you Toast

heidi 1 year ago

Found this really useful and an absolute joy to see some of the pieces come to life on human bodies! I have been so bogged down with life under lockdown and wearing the same old garments for wfh but this has really sparked and re-ignited my interest in fashion again – thank you ladies. p.s. the yellow and black checked dress in the background on the hanging rail – is that vintage from an old TOAST season? I think I still have it somewhere in my wardrobe from years back!

BabaWaga 1 year ago

Another great conversation. I just love toast clothing. So unique and sophisticated. I feel amazing when I wear lovely to see the clothing shown like this.

Sandra 1 year ago

Loved watching this styling video. I think I would like to see what clothes might suit a particular body shape. For me, that is tall and skinny. Many thanks!

Caroline 1 year ago

Absolutely love the live fashion shows, please keep these as very useful to see the clothes on real people. Information regarding the sizes worn by the models would be useful and their heights too.

Susan 1 year ago

Thank you so much for letting us see the clothes on real people ,so inspiring. Have missed my Bath visits , I live in Dorset and am very excited about the re-opening!!

susan 1 year ago

Really enjoyed learning all about the fabrics and the prints and where they come from and how they are done ,so interesting! Thank you and great explanations about the collection .

Justine 1 year ago

I find these videos so helpful in visualising the clothes on a body. Thank you.

Janet 1 year ago

It was so good to see the clothes on real people and the hear the descriptions. I hope you continue to make these videos as they are really helpful if you live a long way from a Toast store as I do in Cornwall.

Jane 1 year ago

I really appreciate the interaction of the staff and stylist explaining the logic and methods behind the designs. I am a designer myself and produced in India and Nepal for many years for my own label. Great to see a team working together with their finger on the pulse.

Carole 1 year ago

Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable video of Toast pieces. It is a fabulous idea to see items being worn- together with descriptions of the manufacture and styling. Please show more of your collection as you have so many gorgeous pieces that I would love to see.

Deborah 1 year ago

I loved the styling of all of the items – so good to see the clothes styled and worn. I’d love to see my local Toast (York) staff in a styling session – I rely on them so much for advice and inspiration. Definitely missing that since the shops have been closed.

Lotie 1 year ago

This was such a useful and enjoyable piece to watch, as if you were talking to a friend! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to buy any Toast pieces this year (and it did make me lust after two of the dresses and one of the jackets) but you gave me inspiration on how to reimagine some of my existing Toast wardrobe. Thank you. Keep up the brilliant work. I hope you’ll make more of these edits even when we’re allowed to visit a shop again.

Gill 1 year ago

I didn’t realise these videos existed, so just saw this one. I agree with later comments that seeing the clothes on normal people, and moving around is so helpful compared with the online shots – which sometimes seem to wilfully obscure the clothing. I’d like so much more than these 6 outfits on two women. I love Toast clothes by the way

Jennie 1 year ago

I’ve been looking forward to this next instalment of Style Conversations. I loved the explanation of some of the processes involved in creating the fabrics, and again, loved the ways that all three colleagues brought their own personalities and styling to wearing your clothes. I would love to see more of these kinds of images on the website. And I cannot wait for your shops to re-open so that we can experience this kind of styling conversation in person.

Kate 1 year ago

Loved the interviews and ‘seeing’ the clothes. So much easier to see what the pieces really look like . Want more outfits shown and on different shapes /ages

Gillian 1 year ago

A helpful insight into real people wearing the styles. Personally I think it would be even better to reduce the commentary and see more of the clothes in motion, so to speak—you get a better sense of them as people wearing them move around, and you don’t always need commentary to be going on. In some cases I find that my idea of how a piece looks is completely changed!

Emma 1 year ago

I haven’t see the Styling Conversation series prior to this one. It’s great to see the clothes worn by Toast staff. There aren’t many Toast stores so it’s good to have the opportunity to see what the clothes look like on different body shapes. Some look very different to the on line photos and I think look even better. It might make me try something different for a change. I think Toast is a fantastic brand and the clothes are well made and mainly in natural materials which isn’t often the case with other brands.

Eileen 1 year ago

Really enjoyed this presentation. Thank you, Toast.

Margaret 1 year ago

Really found this helpful to know the height of the model at 5ft 8ins as I could then judge length. Love these little videos. Can you make them longer?

Anna 1 year ago

I had enjoyed watching the first session and was anticipating the second. It has been hugely informative. I love that the outfits are shown on real people and I have appreciated the explanations regarding the thinking behind the collection. There is something for everyone at Toast but it is knowing what will flatter and what will not work for our personal build and height etc. But sometimes we can be hidebound too and the choices and styling this time have made me want to be more adventurous in my choices – not everything will suit but sometimes an outfit can be unfairly dismissed as " not for me" . Also I like Toast’s stance on sustainability and use of diverse inspiration and support for communities around the world. Thank you , please give us more of these sessions ! Thank you and please do more of these.

Rosemary 1 year ago

I love these conversations and find them so useful. Please make these a regular feature-to be able to see the clothes on real people and brilliantly styled is so good. Thank you.

Sue 1 year ago