Ethical Policy

Our Collections:

To make clothes and home products that are durable both in wear and in style.

It being possible to use our garments for many years, in our small way we hope to minimise consumption of natural raw materials and the quantity of clothing consigned to landfill. We aim to be not fast fashion but slow fashion.

To maintain a continuing interest in traditional textiles and craft and to incorporate these materials and products as an element of our collections.

We regularly work with fair trade co-operatives and smaller workshops on artisanal crafts such as block printing, embroidery, tie-dyeing, hand spinning and hand weaving among others. We’ll tell the inside story of these products in our books and on the website – our intention being to celebrate the profound and timeless skills of these makers and to do what we can to sustain them.

To use organically produced fibres wherever possible.

We will continue to press to increase the proportion of organic materials in our collections.

To sustain a preference for natural textiles such as cotton, wool and linen in our collections.

Where we do use synthetics we prefer those that are plant derived to those derived from petrochemicals.

Absolutely to avoid testing of products on animals.

None of our soaps are tested on animals and the essential oils used are natural, fully traceable and of high quality.

To only use leathers that are a by-product of food production.

We weigh and examine thoughtfully our sources of animal-based raw materials. Wherever we can, we find sources of supply that support standards of humane and responsible animal husbandry.

To minimise packaging and where possible only to use recyclable or biodegradable materials.

This is a process we have embarked upon. We are not there yet but would hope to be in the near future.

Our buildings and our teams:

Lead by our social conscience team, to minimise waste and raw material use across the whole business.

This extends in a myriad small details from, for example, careful use of paper, to the donation of leftover fabrics to charity, to composting our vegetable waste. The team continually set us new challenges.

To use naturally-generated electricity wherever possible: to have minimal or no air conditioning.

To encourage respect for each other and for our environment.

The wellbeing of our staff, our customers and the environment are of highest importance to us.

Our Suppliers:

We have worked in partnership with most of our suppliers over many years. We visit them regularly, work through any problems constructively, and support their efforts to conform to our standards.

Our standards are our own but are based on the International Labour Organisations core Conventions and the Conventions on the Rights of the Child which require the following:

  • Compliance with local labour law
  • Statutory pay and working hours
  • The right to organise and bargain collectively
  • A ban on child labour
  • A ban on discrimination
  • A ban on forced labour
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Compliance with local environmental legislation

To minimise our impact on the planet.

Many of our suppliers have innovative environmental standards that support our aims. When selecting new suppliers we will always look for a shared approach to environmental standards.

We have a policy of continual improvement in environmental standards.

You can read about our Modern Slavery Statement here.


Ultimately, we aim to design and make good things that will delight our customers; that will allow us, and our suppliers, to make a living; that will do no damage to the world; and that, in some small way, might open a window on the wonderful material – and therefore cultural and spiritual – diversity of the planet. On the way, we’re not looking to possess anyone’s soul – and our own are not up for sale.

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