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Chicago-based ceramic artist Polly Yates graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins. But it was a spontaneous move to Japan, and later Chicago, that gave Polly a certain curiosity towards clay, whilst adjusting to entirely new surroundings.

Polly’s time spent in Tokyo and the rural pottery village of Mashiko was spent sat at the potter’s wheel learning to throw. And the classes that followed in Chicago taught her the expressive nature of hand-building with clay, which is now her perfected technique.

Polly Yates - Phyllis Candle Holder Phyllis Candle Holder
Polly Yates

Polly combines coiling and pinching to build curvaceous vessels, joining together the different shapes piece by piece to create a whole. The surfaces are textured with fingertip traces, and each form has a soft asymmetry, unique to hand-building.

"I had a really terrific teacher in Japan. She taught me to think through my hands, to feel the weight of objects."

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"It’s a slow process that requires patience, but there is an intimacy to holding an object that has been formed by your hands."