TOAST Kindred Syncopated Bookbinding Workshop

Wed 26 May, 5pm - 7pm or Fri 28 May, 10am - 12pm

We would like to invite you, as a valued Kindred member, to a syncopated bookbinding workshop with paper artist and author Rachel Hazell.

Syncopation is a musical term where a variety of rhythms and beats are played together to make a piece of music, one where the flow is interrupted. In contrast, the process of bookbinding has a meditative order. One action follows another, folding then cutting before the sewing of holes and stitching together.

During this workshop, Rachel will combine syncopation with the repetitive process of bookbinding using a range of rhythmic actions. Through her step-by-step guidance, you will explore several syncopated examples using folds and stitches, and follow mark-making and automatic drawing exercises that will form the inner layers and cover of your book.

Before the book is bound together, you will be encouraged to write a series of poetic prose on your pages, describing part of your day or your immediate surroundings, using short rhythmic words and the natural beats of language. By the end of the workshop, you will have two unique hand stitched books, along with the skills to develop your bookbinding further at home.

A materials pack will be delivered to your door a few days before the workshop. The pack will include three sheets of A4 Kraft paper, three sheets of A4 tracing paper, linen thread and a bookbinding needle, a pot of ink and a brush. You will not require any further specialist equipment to take part at home.

You will also need a soft pencil, scissors, and a small pile of copy paper for practicing. Instructions on the bookbinding techniques will be provided during the workshop.

There are two opportunities to take part in this workshop, either on Wednesday 26 May or Friday 28 May. To register your interest for either workshop, please email your name, delivery address and contact number to by Friday 14 May.

As these are intimate events, places are limited and will be selected at random. We will contact you by email on Monday 17 May if you have been allocated a place.

These events are exclusive to TOAST Kindred and free to attend. You will need a computer with a webcam and microphone to take part - we recommend using a laptop or desktop, but you can also use your tablet or mobile phone. We also recommend using a WiFi connection to avoid data charges.