TOAST & Crafts Council Artist in Residence

TOAST creates and curates simple, functional, beautiful clothing, homeware and editorial. At the heart of TOAST is our commitment to supporting traditional textiles, craftsmanship and creative communities.

Over the last couple of years, we have gathered together a group of our inspiring friends and collaborators to host a series of talks, workshops and live demonstrations. This year’s three-day Creative Residency, inspired by the Autumn Winter collection ‘Rewilding’, will continue to foster thought and give time for pause at the Crafts Council Gallery in Islington from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd October. We have partnered with Crafts Council, the national charity for craft, to invite an artist in residence to showcase their work during the event.

The Project

We look to the natural world, seeking our own inner connection and response to the wild that surrounds us. Rewilding embraces a natural state of equilibrium, one that’s alive and full of dynamism. As we relinquish control, an unfurling begins; wild, untamed, untreated, free.

We would like you to respond to the lack of control we have all been experiencing with recent events and how this has forced us to forge a closer relationship with our environment. We also encourage you to explore repurposing, honouring materials by reinventing and reusing.

Work on the project may begin before the Creative Residency but will primarily be completed on site in the Crafts Council Gallery space. The deadline for completion of the project is Saturday 23rd October at 6pm.

The finished work will be presented at the TOAST Creative Residency and later donated to Crafts Council’s national collection of contemporary craft. There will be a £1500 contribution to support the creation of the artwork and the project will be featured in the TOAST online Magazine and in Crafts Magazine.


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