Furoshiki Table Gifts

Size: One Size

Our Furoshiki Table Gifts come in a set of 6 and can be used year and year again. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese square wrapping cloth, tied and neatly knotted to transport gifts and food. The custom of wrapping objects first began in Japan during the Edo period and is now a responsible way of wrapping books, presents and lunch boxes.

Each box in the set contains a joke and anagram, a paper crown and one of the following: a mini hand-painted bauble made in India by a Fair Trade group; a set of three mini pencils covered in handmade lokta paper; a felt finger puppet (design may vary) and a lokta paper origami star, all from a Nepalese Fair Trade group; a hand-carved wooden block for printing from India; or a mini notebook made from recycled cotton rag paper.


Made in India.
Outer box L 23cm x W 15cm x D 9cm. Internal boxes H 5.8cm x W 6.7cm x D 6.7cm.

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